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How to reach us:
From the Santa Maria Novella railway Station:
By taxi, (minimum fare) available in front of the Station (about 2 minutes).

By foot, leaving out from the front side of the Station, crossing the road and passing through the Santa Maria Novella Square. The Hotel is right at the end of the Square (about 5 minutes).

From the Florence Airport:
By taxi, available right in front of the airport entrance (15-17 minutes).By bus, taking the number 1 in front of the airport entrance and getting down at the S.M.N. Station, near the McDonald Restaurant. To reach the Hotel, please follow the instruction indicated above.

From Palazzo dei Congressi:
By foot, leaving from the front side of the palace, crossing the road towards the Railway Station and following the blue line on the map (about 10 minutes).

From Fortezza Da Basso:
By foot, from Viale Filippo Strozzi, crossing the road and going towards the Railway Station, then following the blue line on the map (about 10 minutes).

From motorway exits Firenze Nord, Firenze Certosa, Firenze Sud:
By car, (see motorway map) from motorway exits Firenze Certosa (17-20 min.), Firenze Nord (15-20 min.) and Firenze Sud (18-20 min.) located on the map by the green circles , please follow the indications for the "Centro" and particularly for the "Stazione F.S. S.M.N.". When you reach the station, pass through Santa Maria Novella Square and then reach Via dei Fossi (Red Circle). Here you can find a garage for your car ("G" on town center map). Please ask the reception for further information about prices and reservation procedures.

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Hotel Unicorno, Via dei Fossi, 27 - Florence

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